Xiaomi Mi A2 Release Date, Price In India, Specs 2018

Xiaomi Mi A2 Price In India: Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the most rumored and requested Smartphone by Xiaomi and Android users. The device predecessor was robust built configuration was priced only 13K which made it a huge success in India. So now the fans are wondering when Xiaomi Mi A2 release will date is going to be announced because it has been months since the first flagship was released. Similar to any other tech giant Xiaomi is taking time to release their new flagship device because it is going to be huge indeed. We have received information about this device which we will be sharing with all you guys today. So pack on and start to read this article about the Xiaomi Mi A2 price in India, release, features and more as well.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Release Date

Xiaomi Mi A1 was priced at 13,999 Indian rupees when it was first launched in India later the price dropped to 13,000 rupees at some point as well. But Xiaomi Mi A2 is going to have better features, specifications than the previous model. Thought it will have better features the price is going to be less than 15 – 16K rupees only.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Features, Specifications, Product Details And More 2018

Xiaomi brand wasn’t a big part of Indian customer’s family before half a decade but it became a absolute part in less than few year. The sole reason is because Xiaomi has been releasing new flagship devices with better features, specifications and even better built material that will long last for the users to use. Their next device is Xiaomi Mi A2 which will feature a 5.7 inch screen with IPS LCD display provided with 1080*2160 PX. The screen will have 424PPI that will give better screen angel and clarity to feature great display.

It will have Octa core processor that runs on 2.2GHz and Snapdragon 630 chipset along with a 4GB RAM. The camera part is really robust since the main camera has 13 MP + 13 MP dual color LED flash powered along with Phase detection autofocus. The second camera has 8 MP front cameras which does not have flash but can capture great selfies during the day time. The internal memory has 32GB, 64 GB variants with expandable memory up to 256 GB supporting OTG as well. The battery will have 3300 mAh which is pretty low for such robust configured Smartphone but it is better than something right? And it offers quick charging which is great because we can charge the Smartphone in no time.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Release Date In India 2018 – Xiaomi Mi A2 Price In India

Xiaomi Mi A2 is guaranteed to be released by the end of 2018 because the first flagship was cost effective and sales were huge indeed. The global launch date is set to be released on 24-07-2018 but if the device is postponed then it will be released by November finally. In fact the release date is still rumored but it will be announced soon because the device will be great for company growth and fan base will increase as well. At the end Xiaomi Mi A2 release date is confirmed by the end of 2018 which means it will be released in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Release Date

The last flagship device which was Xiaomi Mi A1 was priced 13,999 at the time of release in India. Xiaomi Mi A2 has more features and better robust configuration than Mi A1 and critics thought that the price difference will be more. But it is already been confirmed that the 32GB variant of Xiaomi Mi A2 will be priced at 14,999 only. And the second variant with 64GB will be priced at 16,999 rupees only which concludes that the price difference is very steep.

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Thanks for reading this post about the Xiaomi Mi A2 release date, price in India which will help you learn more about this device. We will be updating this post with more information about Xiaomi Mi A2 price, variants and feature changes as well. Make sure to comment your feedback or review on the latest flagship of Xiaomi and do you intend to buy it?

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