SMPC Apk Download for Android and iOS

SMPC Apk Download for Android and iOS: Semper Media Center which is in short called as SMPC APK. It is an unofficial application which is spinoff of the official kodi by the team kodi developers Chris Browet.  SMPC APK is a very useful application for the android users as it contains various experimental fixes and settings which will help the user’s normal kodi for android I not working properly on their specific hardware. And also SMPC APK is sometimes useful to test the new experimental features and functions.

SMPC Apk Download for Android and iOS

Both kodi and SMPC APK can be downloaded side by side as SMPC APK contains different ID from kodi.  SMPC APK has got many improvised features and many improvements for specific android devices and chipsets which are deemed too specific to be incorporated into the main base code.  SMPC APK is so well designed that users can navigate it easily and it has got all the features which kodi has.

Features for SMPC Semper Media Center:

SMPC APK is the best and useful application for the android users, it has got all the features that kodi has it is similar to kodi.

SMPC Apk Download for Android and iOS
  • By using SMPC APK you can register as an android launcher
  • It has AC3 AND DTS pass-through
  •  Has got a very better H/W acceleration through private API
  • Enhancement for Am logic and Rock chip devices
  • It has got very smooth interface that it makes the navigation part so easy
  • You can easily navigate to music files can add music sources

You can connect your android device to TV so that you can bring SMPC APK on your TV and it depends on your TV offers HDM1 out

How to Install SMPC Apk for Android OS Download:

As we know that there is a way out of App store to install the App on Android devices. We will be using one of this Android Apk download process and install the SMPC Apk on devices. There are not much steps to be done, just follow below written one and you will have the SMPC Apk on Android installed.

SMPC Apk Download for Android and iOS
  • Now click on Browser and type the SMPC Apk latest Apk download
  • search for it and select the first one to start installation
  • click on download this Apk and save this to the device SD card
  • once done, you can move to enable the device settings
  • from security turn on the unknown Sources option
  • now tap on downloaded Apk and click on its Install button
  • then again agree with steps and your process is done

in quick time, SMPC Apk for Android will be available to start the process.

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Download SMPC Apk for iOS 10.3 10.2 iPhone iPad:

There is way to install the SMPC Apk for iOS but I prefer you to use the App Store process only. As this SMPC Apk is available in iTunes App Store you can directly get this App installed. Because the Apk process on iOS isn’t successful all the time.


I would like to conclude that we have installed the Semper Media Center SMPC Apk for Android and SMPC Apk for iOS in good way. If there are any obstacles in your way to precede this installation, you can comment them in below comment section. Also if you’re satisfied with this process, you can share it with other about install of SMPC Apk on android and iOS.

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